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Detective Brain Teaser

Detective Brain Teaser - 2 September

Detective Ixolite of the NYPD was investigating a murder at Chicago.
It was a difficult case, and Ixolite was completely stumped until he noticed a message sent to him by the killer cunningly hidden in a newspaper advertisement selling Car Licence Plates.
Detective NYPD BATCHDetective Ixolite thought about it for a while, and when he had solved the puzzle, immediately arrested the guilty man.

Q1) How did Ixolite know the advert was a clue for him?

Q2) Solve the code and tell me who Ixolite arrested.

This is the newspaper advert (Car licence plates for sale) that Detective Ixolite saw.

Plates For Sale;

[W 05 NWO]
[H 13 HSR ]
[O 05 EBM]
[D 08 UNE]
[U 10 HTY]
[N 04 BRE]
[N 16 TTE]
[I 26 LHC ]
[T 10 AEE]
[I 26 CNA]
[X 22 VDA]

For Solution : Click Here


  1. pretty tough had to work for an hour.Now for the solution
    Ans1)the first letter of each number plate put in series says "who dunn it ix" is easy to figure out.
    ans2)read the last three alphabets of each number plate in reverse starting from bottom its gives us "advance each letter by the number shown".
    take the example of first number plate if we advance "W" by five letters in alphabetical order we get "B".If we continue this sequence you'll have the solution "Butler did it"

  2. 1)The first bit is easy, as the first letter of each plate spells WHODUNNIT IX(A challenge to our Detective.)
    2)The second bit is a little trickier, but I gave you the solution.If you read the last three letters in each plate from the bottom up and right to left you get ADVANCE EACH LETTER BY THE NUMBER SHOWN, so advance W by 5 to get B, H by 13 to get U and so on until you spell BUTLER DID IT.

    1. John, how one will be sure that you have solved it yourselve, when Dheeraj has posted the solution 4 hours ahead of you?

  3. I can't understand w by 5 get B;these so are??