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Truth Or Lie Puzzle

Truth Or Lie Puzzle - 1 October
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Out of three people (Lavesh, Mayank and Manoj), one of them is a king, one a bureaucrat, and one a thief.

The king always tells the truth, the bureaucrat always lies, and the thief can either lie or tell the truth.

Lavesh says: 'Manoj is a bureaucrat.'
Mayank says: 'Lavesh is a king.'
Manoj says: 'I am the thief.'

Who is the king, who the bureaucrat, and who the thief?

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  1. Manoj - Bureaucrat
    Lavesh - King
    Mayank - Thief

  2. king -> lavesh
    thief -> mayank
    bureaucrat -> manoj

  3. king: mayank
    theif: manoj
    bureaucrat: lavesh

    1. ur wrong mayank says lavesh is the king and the king can not lie

  4. let a= lavesh,b = mayank, c= manoj

    if a is king,then c is the bureaucrat and b is the thief.
    if b is the king not possible.
    if c is the king not possible.
    thus a is the king.

    then either b is the bureaucrat or c is the bureaucrat.
    if b is the bureaucrat, a is the king and c is the thief.(true)
    if c is the thief, b is the bureaucrat which implies that a is not the thief
    thus c is the bureaucrat and b is the thief.

  5. mayank cannot be the king as if he tells truth lavesh becomes the king.
    and manoj also cannot be the king i f he tells the truth he him self is a thief
    as lavesh is a king that is true statement mayank is telling

  6. Lavesh is the king, Manoj is the bureaucrat and Mayank is the theif

  7. The king : Lavesh
    The bureaucrat : Manoj
    The thief : Mayank