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Logic Puzzle Riddle

Logic Puzzle Riddle - 13 June

There are two arch enemy Messi and Ronaldo which hate each other to an extreme.
One day two are going together and a Jeanie appeared in from of them them.
Jeanie grant 3 wishes to Ronaldo and one to Messi.

Messi replied smartly 'Give me twice of whatever Ronaldo demands'.

Ronaldo asked his 1st wish 'Give me 10000 billion dollar'. Soon Messi gets 2000 billion dollar.
Ronaldo asked his 2nd wish 'Give me one mansion in every country of the world'. Soon Messi gets two mansion in every country of the world?

Whats should be Ronaldo third wish ?

For Solution : Click Here


  1. give ronaldo a medium heart attack, u can guess what messi get? =D

  2. He will wish that Messi will always get defeated in half of the matches he plays with him.

  3. Ronaldo's wish:

    1) Give me Messi's wish (Recursive Loop)
    2) Ronaldo asks - May my Daughter get married to one guy.

  4. ronald's wish would be that take back half of what you have given to me.

    1. That's a good solution because then he would have half of what he received and Messi would have none.

  5. give me 1 yellow
    card per match

  6. Ronaldo will wish, for removing sight in one of his eyes.

  7. take away one of my testicles

  8. Take away one lung.