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Awesome Idea Puzzle Problem

Awesome Idea Puzzle Problem - 11 October

Dwayne Johnson was running away with the loot from a heist in his car along with Vin Diesel. One tire was punctured and he dropped down to replace it. While changing the wheel, he dropped the four nuts that were holding the wheel and they fell into a drain. Vin Diesel gave him an idea using which they were able to drive till the rendezvous point.

What was the idea ?

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  1. Take out one nut from the other three wheels. Each wheel will now have three nuts.

    1. If car runs on three nuts then why company give four nuts?

    2. 4 buts are required for stability. Here the intention is to just make do with the current situation.

  2. take a bolt from each tire so each tire shall have 3 bolts