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Trickiest Primates Riddle

Trickiest Primates Riddle - 30 November

You walk into a room where there are three primates held in their respective cages:
1) A lion who is eating the flesh of a goat.
2) An orangutan who is playing with blocks.
3) A donkey who is sitting idle.

Who is the most intelligent primate in the room ?

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  1. It's the donkey... I entered the room and I saw lion eating goat, orangutan playing blocks and donkey sitting idle. Considering the donkey harmless I will leave him.

  2. Orangutans are among the most intelligent primates; they use a variety of sophisticated tools and construct elaborate sleeping nests each night.

    1. Says the guy who doesn't know that humans are primates too.

  3. You are also a primate and you are human thus you are the most intelligent.

  4. A stupid person might think the orangutan is the smartest primate because it is the only primate, but you/I are/am the smartest primate in the room. Although if a stupid person said that, they are technically right! If they say donkey or lion, they are wrong automatically because lions and donkeys are not primates.

  5. this is a stupid riddle. A LION IS NOT A PRIMATE NEITHER IS A DONKEY. totally dumb