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Impossible Mind Teaser

Impossible Mind Teaser - 19 December

During an experiment, a guy throws a bouncy ball from a 90 feet tall building. The ball has a specific characteristic. Every time it hits the ground, it bounces up half way.

How many bounces do you think the ball will make before it comes to a stop ?

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  1. The answer is 9 bounces

  2. infinite bounces. The ball will come to rest in a finite time and travel a finite distance, but will make infinite bounces. Refer to Zeno's paradox:'s_paradoxes

  3. It depends on the diameter of the ball. When the bounces become as tall or less then the ball technically won't be bouncing.

  4. It'll never technically "stop" bouncing. The distance it bounces will just become infinitesimal and thus imperceptible to the eye. ^_^