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Philosophical Riddle

Philosophical Riddle - 6 March

Alpha, Beta and Gamma are in a desert. Alpha don’t like Gamma and hence decides to murder him. He poisons the water supply of Gamma. Since it is the desert area, Gamma must drink or he will die of thirst.

Beta does not know of the actions of Alpha and also decides to murder Gamma. To succeed in his ill motives, he removes the water supply of Gamma so he dies of thirst.

Gamma dies due to thirst. Who murdered Gamma?

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  1. Well, in this case one might assume that given the facts above Gamma would have died anyway. Some may see Beta's actions as something saving Gamma from Alpha's plans. Since he dies from thirst, others may think Alpha is the murderer. Since both had the will to kill Gamma, Alpha and Beta are both murderers. Another thing, Gamma's stupidity also plays a role since he could have just asked for water.

  2. > Gamma dies due to thirst. Who murdered Gamma?
    Obviously if it's thirst , the murderer is Beta
    Otherwise it would have been Both Alpha and Beta.

  3. Neither its thirst

  4. No one...
    He died of thirst which is a natural cause especially in desert area.

  5. People who say anything but Beta don't have a clue about how the justice system works.

    What killed Gamma? Lack of water. Who took the water supply away from Gamma? Beta.
    As simple as that.
    Had Beta known the water supply was tainted, and had he removed the water supply, gamma would have died from thirst again, but then the killer would have been Alpha. (because the thirst was caused but the lack of proper water)

    1. What if Beta learns the actions of Alpha (afterwords) and defend himself by `removing poisonous water` from Gamma?

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