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Trick Humorous Puzzle

Trick Humorous Puzzle - 28 August

You were playing ping pong with your friend. Suddenly the ball fell into a narrow metal pipe that was imbedded in the concrete surface of the floor one foot deep. Now you don't have any other ball and you desperately want to take it out and play. You and your friend have your shoe laces, your tennis paddle and a plastic water bottle. However the bottle cannot fit into the pipe.

How will you take the ball out?

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  1. If the water bottle is full of water, pouring water in the hole would be a possible solution. Ιf not , Anonymous's idea of peeing in the hole is a viable solution. although I doubt that your opponent would like to continue playing ping-pong with THIS ball... :-)

  2. Wait 12 hours. Now because of the Earth's rotation, up will be down and down will be up and the ball will fall out of the pipe. But someone should really address the situation that all we have between us is shoelaces, a tennis paddle, and a bottle of water. Maybe we should get jobs and clothes instead of spending all day playing ping pong.

    -Anonymous Wizard