A guy was writing his first book. After saving the document, he locked his laptop with a password and mentioned some phrases for the hint box.

A friend of his tried opening his laptop but found out that it was password protected. Following is the hint that appeared.
1 mobile 3 books 2 roars 1 night 4 balls 2 lighters 1 ghost 1 hat 3 watches

It seemed awkward to him. Can you help him in cracking the password?

Cracking The Password Cipher Puzzle

The password is - Moonlight
If you are wondering how, then the answer lies in the hint only. You have to take the corresponding number letter of each word.
1st in mobile is M
3rd in books is O
2nd in roars is O
1st in night is N
4th is balls is L
2nd in lighters is I
1st in ghost is G
1st in hat is H
3rd in watches is T.