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Crime Scene Logic Puzzle

Crime Scene Logic Puzzle - 2 December

A dead body is found outside a multistory multinational company. The case is reported and a homicide detective is called on the crime scene.

He looks at the body and then towards the building. From the position of the body, it is evident that the victim committed suicide. He goes to the first floor of the building and then walks in the direction of the dead body, opens the window and toss a coin in the air.

He goes to second floor and again repeats the process. He keeps doing this till he is done on all the floors. Then he returns back to the floor and tells his team that it is a murder.

How in heaven did he deduce that?

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  1. Window at every floor was closed.. which means murderer pushed the body from the window and then closed the window...

    BTW this question has been asked here before..

    1. Yes, but as my son asked. . How does the offcer know he didn't just jump off the roof?