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Relationship Statement Riddle

Relationship Statement Riddle - 4 February

Each of these statements (which are true) refers to seven out of the eight living members of a family. You will find that the statement either refers to them by their personal name or through their relationship with another member. The statements are:
a) Jacob's wife's sister's husband's mother's son is Patrick's cousin's father.
b) Sia's grand-daughter's cousin's father's sister-in-law is Gerry's son-in-law's wife.

Now if Annabelle has no children, what relationship does she share with Michael?

PS: There can be two solutions to this problem.

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  1. 1) (1)Jacob's [(2)wife]'s [(3)sister]'s [(4)husband]'s [(5)Mother = Sia]'s [(4)son] is (7)Patrick's [(8)female cousin]'s [(4)father]
    2) (5) Sia's (8)[grand-daughter]'s [(7)cousin = Patrick]'s [(4)father][(1)father=Jacob]'s [(3)sister-in-law] is (6)Gerry's [(4)son-in-law]'s [(3)wife].

    Jacob's wife = unknown
    Jacob's son = Patrick
    Jacob's wife's father = Gerry
    Jacob's wife's sister = unknown female
    Jacob's wife's sister's husband = unknown male
    Jacob's wife's sister's husband's mother = Sia
    Jacob's wife's sister's daughter = unknown female

    So, there are three unknown female names. The only female without a child is Patrick's cousin, #8, so she must be Annabelle. The only unknown male is her father, who must be Michael.