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Buy Maths Chocolate Puzzle

Buy Maths Chocolate Puzzle - 10 June

A kid goes to a confectionery and buys three kinds of chocolates. The first one is priced at 5 rupees, second one at 3 rupees and third one at 0.5 rupees.

If he bought 100 chocolates in total, how many pieces do you think he bought of each chocolate?

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  1. Amount spend to get the chocolates was not said, hence multiple possibilities of number of chocolates bought

  2. I totaly disagree with the answer given in the 'solution'. According to the simultaneous equation given in the solution the cost of the 100 chocolates bought equals 100rs. Simultaneous equations can be used here only if the amount spent by the child (or if the question is modified) is given. Since it wasn't actually given one connot say that there is only 2 possibilities. There is actually many.