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Split Money Pizza Maths Puzzle

Split Money Pizza Maths Puzzle - 11 June

Rihana, Peeta, and Logan order a pizza for $10. Out of the three, Rihana and Peeta were quite hungry and ate 6 slices a piece, while Logan had just 2 slices.

Now, they want to split the cost among them fairly but due to the lack of change, they decide to round of the cost to the nearest possible dollar.

Can you find out the fair way which should be used to split the money?

What if the pizza was worth $11?

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  1. Rehans & Peeta 4 each & Logan of 3

  2. If, 10$ is the orig. cost and 8 slices were there, then the amount for a slice=10\8 ie; 1.25$. So Rihana and Peeta, without roundingoff, should pay 3.75$ each. This sums up to 7.50$. Logan should then pay 2.50$. Since they paid rounding the amount off, then Rihana and Peeta should pay 4$ each, Logan should pay 3$ summing the amount to 11$.