Rihana, Peeta, and Logan order a pizza for $10. Out of the three, Rihana and Peeta were quite hungry and ate 6 slices a piece, while Logan had just 2 slices.

Now, they want to split the cost among them fairly but due to the lack of change, they decide to round of the cost to the nearest possible dollar.

Can you find out the fair way which should be used to split the money?

What if the pizza was worth $11?

If we assume that Rihana and Peeta pay the same amount, they can decide with "rock, paper, scissor" to determine who will pay the extra dollar. Any other method may be used as well. Suppose that Rihana pays $1 extra.

In this manner, Rihana pays $5, Peeta pays $4 and Logan pays $2.

If the pizza would have cost $11, this method will then prove to be great because both Rihana and Peeta will pay $5 each and Logan will pay $1. This will keep the offset same as previous. Rihana is paying 6% more, Peeta is paying 15% more and Logan is paying 27% more.