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Pattern Logic Puzzle

Pattern Logic Puzzle - 14 July

A game of table tennis was being played. The match was a mixed double one. George and Ted were the opponents who had to choose from the following partners

George was given the chance first and he chose Mary. There was a reason why he chose her. Whom will Ted choose if he follows the same logic?

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  1. A=1; B=2 ; C= 3; .... Z=26. George would be 7+5+15+18+7+5= 57 and Mary = 13+1+18+25= 57. Therefore, Ted would look for someone the same way. So Ted = 20+5+4 = 29. So we are looking for someone that equals 29. The only one is Ann = 1+14+14 = 29. So Ann will be Ted's partner.