A murder took place on the Baker Street. The murderer seemed a fan of Sherlock Holmes evident with the notes he/she left behind at the house at different locations.

When Sherlock Holmes arrived, he found out that the victim was a lady named Martha. She was shot and there were five suspects:

The notes that were left by the murderer were placed at different places and had a little description on them:
The first note was found in the compound.
The second note was found in the art room.
The third note was found in the restroom.
The fourth note was found in the underwater room.
The fifth note was found in the smoking lounge.
The sixth note was found in the makeup room.

All the notes had only one thing written on them:
"The clues are where you find the notes."

On examination, nothing was found anywhere. Can you help Sherlock to decipher this puzzle?

While it may have sounded a bit too difficult, it is not that difficult to crack.

The murderer is Marcus.

The notes were found in the Compound, Art Room, Restroom, Underwater Room, Smoking Lounge and Makeup Room.

Now, if we just look at the first letter of each, we will have - C, A, R, U, S and M.
If you arrange the letters, you will get the name Marcus.