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Famous Two Barber Riddle

Famous Two Barber Riddle - 4 November

In a particular village, only two barbershops exist.

The first shop has a handsome barber with a neat haircut who is handsomely dressed in clean clothes and is extremely humble with his body language. The place is clean and looks hygienic.

In the second shop, you can find a barber with shabby clothing. His hairs are weirdly cut and his clothes still have the stains from last night dinner. The place is not clean as well and reeks a bit.

You visit the village for the first time and decide to get your haircut. Which barbershop will you like to go for that and why?

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  1. may be the second person doesn't got time to make himself to be good because of work load and he may be a good barber.

  2. hahaha!! there are only 2 barbers in village :P the second barber had haircut with first one and first barber who has nice hair style hadd haircut with the other barber.... i would prefer to the second one..

  3. I'd rather get a bad haircut than sit in a smelly, dirty barbershop.