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Cross Pit Of Fire

Cross Pit Of Fire - 10 December

A man wants to cross the pit of fire which is 25 feet in length and he has 2 planks(fire resistant) of 19 feet length.

How can he cross the pit of fire alive?

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  1. its just a pit , so he can move away the pit and cross

  2. join 2 planks at an angle to make a /\ shaped (inverted V) ladder. put first plank at one end of pit. the ladder ascends 19 ft over fire pit and descends 19 ft to reach the other end of pit.

  3. The pit is 25ft long, so width must be less. He can cross the pit by putting one plank along the width and taking its support for the other plank, cross the pit in 2 steps of <19 ft.

  4. he can walk around simply

  5. Just place one plank across one of the corners of the pit and the other one forming a T so that it reaches the center of the pit. This way you are reducing the separation between the center and the border of the pit.