It is a strange cricket match in which batsman is getting bowled in the very first ball he faced. Assuming no extras in the match, which batsman will be not out at the end of the inning ?

Cricket Puzzle Question

Eight batsmen.

--> 1st over < --
1st Ball : Batsman-1 got out
2nd Ball : Batsman-3 got out
3rd Ball : Batsman-4 got out
4th Ball : Batsman-5 got out
5th Ball : Batsman-6 got out
6th Ball : Batsman-7 got out

--> 2nd over < --
1st Ball : Batsman-2 got out
2nd Ball : Batsman-9 got out
3rd Ball : Batsman-10 got out
4th Ball : Batsman-11 got out

Note: Batsman 2 is on non-striker end at the start of the match and after an over batsman on two end switches end.