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Hard Prison CupCakes Riddle

Hard Prison CupCakes Riddle - 18 October

Bea Smith , Vera Bennett, Franky Doyle and  Doreen Anderson  were in Wentworth Prison for murder. But their behavior on the jails is appreciated by the warden and the warden decided to give all these 4 prisoners 11 cupcakes. They all like cupcakes and they had all cupcakes in no matter of time but they do not know how many cupcake each individual had. 

Therefore Bea started the conversation 
Bea : "Hey T-Vera, did you had more cupcakes than I had ?"
Vera : "I do not know girl, Hey Franky, did you had more cupcakes than I had ?".
Franky: "I do not know"
Doreen replied instantly
Doreen: "I know how exactly how many cupcakes each of you had?"

So can you tell how many cupcakes each of them had ?

For Solution : Click Here


  1. Doreen 8 Franky 1 Bea 1 Vera 1

  2. Doreen 5 all others 2. If they had 1, they would have given confirmed answer.