Snow and Tyrion are two mad logicians and loves betting.They placed 11 Candies at the table and designed a small betting game, in which both of them need to eat Candies turn by turn with the following rules:Rule1: One need to eat at least one candy.Rule2: One cannot eat more than 5 candies.The one that eats last candy will loose.Snow won the toss and need to start.How many candies must Snow ear in order to make sure that he won the bet?

Logical Bet Riddle

Snow eats 4 candies

How many candies Tyrion eats, Snow needs to make sure that only 1 candy is left after his turn, So Tyrion needs to eat the last candy.

If Tyrion picks 1, Snow picks 5
If Tyrion picks 2, Snow picks 4
If Tyrion picks 5, Snow picks 1