#1 - Great Comedy Riddle

When does an British Potato changes its nationality?

Great Comedy Riddle

When it become french fires

#2 - Trick Teaser Riddle

Jason decided to give his bike 3 coats of paint. Which coat would go on the first?

The second, as it is the only coat that can go on 'the first' coat.

#3 - Comedy Riddle

Why are televisions attracted to people ?

Comedy Riddle

Because, people turn them on.

#4 - Funny Problem

A man drove to a hotel and as soon as he got there he was bankrupt. Explain.

Funny Problem

The man was playing Monopoly and when he rolled the dice he landed on a property he could not afford to pay the rent on.

#5 - Funny What Am I Riddle

What is red but it smells like a blue paint ?

Funny What Am I Riddle

Red paint

#6 - Joke Riddle

Why did the boy throw the butter out of the window?

Joke Riddle

Because he wanted to see the butter fly (butterfly)

#7 - What Am I Riddle

A word I know,
Six letters it contains,
Subtract just one,
And twelve is what remains.


#8 - Funny Joke Question

Which is faster Heat or Cold? Explain ?

Funny Joke Question

Heat bcoz you catch cold but not heat

#9 - Funny Kids Problem

Which is the rope you never skip with ?

Funny Kids Problem


#10 - Funny Soldier Riddle

I am a soldier and i really hate one month.
Which month i am talking about ?

March :p