#1 - Logic Puzzle Using Matchsticks

In the picture that is attached with this question, you can find a square which comprises of four little squares inside it. Consider this square to be made with matchsticks. You have to remove two matchsticks such that only two squares remain instead of five.How will you do it ?

Logic Puzzle Using Matchsticks

The picture is self-explanatory. You have to remove the matchsticks that are marked with red. And then, you will have just two squares left.

#2 - Floating Fish ToothPick Riddle

Below toothpicks/matchsticks indicate the group of fishes moving from west to east direction. Can you make them move from east to west by just moving three toothpicks/matchsticks?

Floating Fish ToothPick Riddle

Solution is indicated in the picture below.

#3 - Next number in matchstick Brain Teaser

Can you identify the next number in this viral matchsticks Puzzle?

Next number in matchstick Brain Teaser


At every step number of joints goes down by 1.
8 have 6 joints
9 have 5 joints
5 have 4 joints
3 have 3 joints
7 have 2 joints
1 has 1 joint

You can also watch the video for an explanation.

#4 - Tricky Picture Count Matches Puzzle

Can you count the number of matches in the picture below ?

Tricky Picture Count Matches Puzzle


This can be a really tricky question. The five matches in the front are clear. Now a part of what you see on the lighter are reflection. There are five matches in total that are part of the reflection. Out of those five, we can see that three are visible apart from the reflection as well. So the total becomes eight.

#5 - Easy Matchstick Puzzle

In the given figure, you can see that four match sticks are used to form a square. Can you form five squares by using six matches?

Easy Matchstick Puzzle

Simple answer :=)

#6 - Matchstick Tricks Puzzle

Can you place six matchsticks in a manner that each of the matchstick is in touch will the other five matchsticks ?

Matchstick Tricks Puzzle

The given solution in the figure is not the only one. Can you find another way?

#7 - Matchstick Problem

As you can see that fifteen matches have been used to form an arrangement. What you have to do is remove any six of them to make them ten.Can you do that?

Matchstick Problem

Look at the image and see how we did it.

#8 - Matchstick Equation Puzzle

An equation has been laid down using a few matchsticks. However, as you can see, the equation is not correct. Can you correct the equation if you are allowed to add or remove 5 matchsticks?

Matchstick Equation Puzzle

As you can see in the answer figure, the equation stands true now. Compare the images to know what we have done.

#9 - Match Stick Puzzle

In the given picture, you can find five identical squares. You have to form six identical squares by moving just three matchsticks. How will you achieve it if you are not allowed overlapping or breaking of matchsticks?

Match Stick Puzzle

As you can see in the picture, we have lifted the bottom three matches and placed them inside the middle squares vertically (pink ones). We now have six identical squares.

#10 - Hard Matchstick Puzzle

In the given picture, you can see that there are two matchsticks that have been used to create five squares. You are allowed to move just two matchsticks and must form seven squares. FYI, you cant overlap the matches and you are not allowed to break them. Also, like you can see in the picture, all squares must be closed.

Hard Matchstick Puzzle

We have moved two matchsticks in the picture and colored them red so you can understand what happened. Thus we have five 1x1 square, one 2x2 square and one 3x3 square.