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Awesome Next Series Puzzle

Awesome Next Series Puzzle - 14 July

Can you find the last number in the series below?

voN luJ yaM raM ?

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IPL Charity Cricket Riddle

IPL Charity Cricket Riddle - 13 July

For Charity, five IPL teams were competing in cricket where they face each other exactly once. After the tournament, the following is the point table.

DareDevils 6
SuperKings 5
Royals 4
Sunrisers 2
Riders ?

How many points did Riders end up with?

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Smart Maths Equation Puzzle

Smart Maths Equation Puzzle - 12 July

Can you prove that the below maths equation is true?

8 + 8 = 91

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Football 2014 World Cup Puzzle

Football 2014 World Cup Puzzle - 11 July

You need to pick one entry from potA and one from potB to have a perfect match. Can you do it?

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Cricket Balls Age Riddle

Cricket Balls Age Riddle - 10 July

At Delhi cricket clubhouse, there were four kids(Kohli, Yuvraj, Pant, and Dhoni) with age 1,2,3 and 4 and have 1,2,3 and 4 cricket balls in different order.

We know the following facts:
Kohli has more cricket-balls that his age.
Dhoni is older than Yuvraj.
One child has the same number of cricket-balls as his age.
Pant has fewer cricket-balls than Dhoni.
Child aged 3 has two cricket-balls.

Pant is the youngest.

Can you determine the age of the children and the number of football they have?

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16 Nodes Connectivity Riddle

16 Nodes Connectivity Riddle - 9 July

Sixteen nodes are shown below and you need to connect them based on the following rule:
Every node can be connected to the number of nodes inside them, i.e. the first node there is a value of 1 which indicates that the first node can connect to exactly one node only.

Can you do it?

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Which Animal Am I Riddle

Which Animal Am I Riddle - 8 July

What jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?

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